Powerpoint AI
Your challenges:
  • You spend time transcribing notes to slides
  • You spend time translating slides
  • You spend time creating a skeletong deck
  • You spend time searching for graphics or templates

Our solution:
  • Helps beginners with basic structure and story-telling
  • Helps advanced users with fine-tuning
  • Removes the legwork from non-value adding operations, e.g. translating text

Key figures:
  • Efficiency and effectiveness benefits: 20+ kCHF per year
  • Qualitative benefits: Management better understands what employees want to communicate
  • Est. Implementation time: Beta mode, setup depends on API (email API instant)
  • Demo available
Strategy, IT and Data-Analytics Advisory
Your challenges:
  • You have a tough problem and want an external out-of-the-box perspective
  • Your problem is related to technology and/or data-analytics
  • You want reliable delivery and independent problem-solving

Our solution:
  • We try to maintain a certain level of consulting within Sense6, it enables us to see first-hand the problems our customers face in their industries
  • We combine advice and standard project documentation with the potential for quick PoCs
  • We leverage our entire infrastructure - data repositories, data APIs, tools - to resolve the challenge
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