OCR and ML extraction
Your challenges:
  • Manual overhead to extract data from PDFs or images
  • Manual overhead to manipulate files

Our solution:
  • Automated processes: extract key data from yoru
  • Useful tools: we provide common functions to clean-up, transform and even edit PDFs via a web-interface

Key figures:
  • Efficiency benefits: 20+ kCHF savings p.a., depends on the use-case
  • Effectiveness benefits: 20+ kCHF benefits p.a. due to better and faster decision-making, depends on the use-case
  • Qualitative benefits: Improved communication, foundation for additional services
  • Est. Implementation time (to be confirmed upon project setup): Initial PoC: 2 weeks. Tailored ML model for your organization: 1-4 months. Setup of secure API: 1-2 months. Optional deep integration to your IT systems: TBD
  • Demo available
Augmented Reality
Your challenges:
  • Lack of immersive experience for your customers
  • Interest but no knowledge in Augmented Reality
  • Must run on existing hardware (e.g. your customers' smartphones)

Our solution:
  • Simple dashboard to create augmented reality applications. Allows you to visualize images, videos or even real-time data feeds
  • Low cost and easy to setup: users don't need to install new applications and it runs on their smartphones

Key figures:
  • Efficiency benefits: not a savings use-case 0 CHF savings p.a
  • Effectiveness benefits: more immersive experience and faster data access
    Approx. 10+ kCHF benefits p.a.
  • Qualitative benefits: modern image
  • Est. Implementation time: Setup of dashboard: 1 week
  • Demo available
Application hosting and Data visualization
Your challenges:
  • No resources to setup, run and maintain a cloud application
  • Lack of data from hosted applications, reports are manual and slow
  • Compliance requirements to host all data in Switzerland and submit to high standards of security

Our solution:
  • Hosting on our secured infrastructure
  • Data is extracted regularly, cleaned up and restructured via Python scripts before being made available in Grafana dashboards
  • User access management either via state-of-the-art applications

Key figures:
  • Efficiency benefits: Depends on IT application and reporting, no maintenance nor monitoring required
    Approx. +20k CHF savings per year
  • Effectiveness benefits: Improved decision making due to tailored dashboards and alerts
    Approx. +10k CHF benefits per year
  • Qualitative benefits: If applicable, compliance to legal requirements
  • Est. Implementation time (to be confirmed upon project setup): Initial Grafana PoC: 2 weeks. Tailored Python scripts to extract data: 1-3 months. Final set-up of Grafan dashboards incl. user access: 1 month
  • Demo available
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