Show don't tell #1     Sun Mar 21 2021
To follow this demo, you'll need both a computer screen and your phone. Keep your computer on this page. Take out your phone, start the camera app and point the camera to the QR code to left. After a few seconds a link should appear, click on it to load the augmented reality demo on your phone (preferably using Chrome browser).

If for some reason the below instructions don't work on your phone, here's a video showing what should have happened ;)

Point your phone camera to this first marker, it should automatically start a video overlayed on top of the marker. We can imagine using this in marketing (create engaging advertisement) or in construction (visual explanations for complex machinery).

It's also interesting to think that different videos can be started depending on the context, for example overriding with an evacuation video in case of a fire.

(Credits to Blender for the video used)

This second marker demonstrates the ability to display dynamic data, calculated on the spot or read from a database or sensor.

A button should also appear at the bottom of the screen that can be used to reference further relevant content, for example user manuals or detailed reports.

This last marker shows that you can trigger other apps. If you press on button that appears at the bottom of your screen, it should open your maps application and point you to ETH Zurich. Admittedly this is a basic interaction, but more complex ones are possible via REST-ful APIs.

Also note that the marker images don't have to be blobs of color or black-and-white boxes, they can contain text.

We're excited about this technology and are busy developing our first commercial applications. More coming soon. Please get in touch if you want a more detailed demonstration.
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