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What we do
Data: We extract your untapped data from unstructured sources: PDFs, images, emails. We provide additional data via our own repositories or IOT sensors.

AI: We build decision-making models with Machine Learning.

Impact: We interact with your users via custom web-GUIs, augmented reality, SMS, email, or APIs.
How we do it
Layer 1: gather relevant data

Access untapped internal data: Myriad automates the analysis of untapped and unstructured data sources such as PDFs, emails, texts, and images.

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Cloud Link
Access untapped external data: Swiss companies, Swiss addresses, weather, news events, travel data, and more. We continue to expand Cloud Link's ability to harness external data sources.

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Manage a fleet of devices: Our VPN and hybrid-cloud technology enables you to manage a mobile fleet of sensors, computers or controllers in a secure and fail-safe environment.

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Layer 2: take better decisions

Deep Sense
Take better decisions: Deep Sense is our Machine Learning core. It is built on a variety of deep-learning algorithms and can rapidly be configured to your datasets to build powerful models.

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Proven models
We continue to expand our library of models applicable to a variety of industries: risk assessment in insurance, talent characteristics in HR, data extraction in finance, relationship mapping in construction. We build on this past experience to help you.
Layer 3: create memorable user interactions

Responsive web-GUIs
Our web-GUIs are tailor made and are not constrained by framework configurations. They are made to run efficiently on mobile devices and desktops.

» Examples at coronaschool.ch

Augmented reality
We're still discovering the potential of this new technology but absolutely love it: such an exciting and engaging way to present content and interact with end-users.

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Meta-layer: think strategically, implement rapidly

Everything we do must lead to a demonstrable impact on your customers. This is the prism through which we assess your value propositions, tools, processes, and organizational model.

We'll push to build PoC's that test early hypotheses in the market. This moves your strategy from abstract concept to tangible pilot and ushers in an entrepreneurial attitude.

Fluency in the boardroom
We have experience in preparing and conducting presentations to senior management, including delivering the underlying documentation necessary for decision-makers (business case, project plan, etc.)
Customer testimonials
We use Sense6 VPN that enables us to provide secure and stable building automation services to our customers. Sense6's rapid trial-and-error iterations help us innovate and we look forward to the continued collaboration in IOT and Machine Learning.

- Marcello Meriano, CEO, Alvasys Automation AG
Sense6 combines deep knowledge in data analytics together with a strong focus on the nucleus of existing challenges. They followed a structured approach, used concise communication tailored to the various stakeholders, and drove the implementation of practical solutions.

- Sandro Lustenberger, Sales strategy & planning, CSS Versicherung
If you have a vision but haven't documented it in precise requirements, then Sense6 helps. Attentive listeners, quick to grasp, precise in data preparation and analysis, constantly interacting with the customer. This provides security and flexibility, even when your requirements and vision need to adapt to the latest findings. Evidence-based approach 'par excellence'.

- Philippe Nussbaum, Head IT-Consulting, CSS Versicherung
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