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Who we are
We are engineers passionate about machine learning and big data analytics. We are business experts able to deliver holistic solutions. We are problem-solvers driven by complex challenges.
What we do
Step 1: Data We gather untapped data - internal and external - and clean-up, structure, normalize, combine, synthesize as required
Step 2: Analytics We use machine-learning and big-data analytics to derive new insights
Step 3: Communication We communicate these insights to your employees and to your management for better decision-making
Step 4: Impact We problem-solve, fine-tune, think-out-the-box, experiment, fail, and iterate until the aforementioned steps deliver the strongest and most memorable interactions to your customers
Customer testimonials
We use Sense6 VPN that enables us to provide secure and stable building automation services to our customers. Sense6's rapid trial-and-error iterations help us innovate and we look forward to the continued collaboration in IOT and Machine Learning.

- Marcello Meriano, CEO, Alvasys Automation AG
Sense6 combines deep knowledge in data analytics together with a strong focus on the nucleus of existing challenges. They followed a structured approach, used concise communication tailored to the various stakeholders, and drove the implementation of practical solutions.

- Sandro Lustenberger, Sales strategy & planning, CSS Versicherung
If you have a vision but haven't documented it in precise requirements, then Sense6 helps. Attentive listeners, quick to grasp, precise in data preparation and analysis, constantly interacting with the customer. This provides security and flexibility, even when your requirements and vision need to adapt to the latest findings. Evidence-based approach 'par excellence'.

- Philippe Nussbaum, Head IT-Consulting, CSS Versicherung
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Visualizing forecast information
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A step-be-step tutorial for healt insurance data using Jupyter Notebook
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