Start of the 3D printing age     Wed Sep 22 2021
We've been experimenting with IOT edge protocols and sensors over the past months and one thing quickly became a problem: the lack of enclosures for our custom devices.

When you are putting together a Raspberry Pi with a light & humidity sensor, a Lora WAN antenna, 2 rechargeable batteries and some 5G connectivity, then there aren't a lot of cases out there for your prototype.

Say hello to "Porcu-Pi", a beast of connectivity

So when we ordered the TOFU board from Swiss company Oratek (@Oratek: the integrated SIM card is a game-changer, thanks!), they offered a case with their board. The options were either to pay CHF 35 to receive the case by post, or pay 8 CHF for the 3D model digital files only. Sense6 has a 3D printer and we selected the second option.

So there it is: the revolutionary benefits of 3D printing delivered to us for the first time and without fanfare. Within a few hours we had the parts printed and assembled: no need for shipping, no need for delays, and completely custom to our requirements. We modified the 3D model by making the enclosure higher to accommodate the additional battery pack and 5G antennas.

Perhaps the most interesting realization was that the process felt simple and familiar. As if it had been around for the past 10 years.
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