Wireguard after 2 years     
When a startup talks about what it does, data analytics and machine learning often steal the show. While these areas can be game-changers for a business, it's important not to forget about the foundational infrastructure that keeps everything running smoothly.

One critical piece of this infrastructure is a secure VPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, creates an encrypted connection between our company's users, services and the internet. This is particularly important in today's remote work environment and for handling confidential information in a secure way. All of our data is encrypted, even within our protected network.

To that end, Wireguard has been invaluable. Take a look at these stats from the past 6 months. Our VPN networks haven't dropped since we made the switch from OpenVPN 2 years ago.

While data analytics and machine learning may be sexier, investing in stable infrastructure is crucial for us to succeed in the long term. By prioritizing security and reliability, we avoid costly data breaches and downtime that would harm our reputation (and bottom line).
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